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Ann Miller's Go Fund Me Fundraiser

Everyone who has been to Yoga DiVita has been blessed by this beautiful sister's smile, kind words, and helpful heart. She is a giver in action with all that she can and capable of. I ask for your help yogis.

Ann has suffered an unexpected and tragic loss. Her best friend and husband Danny passed away suddenly and now she is left with many financial burdens. We hope this fundraiser will help lessen the responsibilities she will be faced with and allow her to morn freely. Ann and Danny have already been met with adversity while Ann was hospitalized last year. This combined with the purchase of their new home will leave Ann with increased financial strain. The monetary goal we have set is to help Ann stabilize her home and get closer to the retirement she deserves.  

Ann is a vital part of her community and does not hesitate to help someone in need . She has a strong community surrounding her and we hope to carry her as she carries us.

Thank you so much for all the support during this time. I will keep you posted on what she needs.
Love and Light!
Dawn Shanthi DiVita


To receive Ann's mailing address to send condolences and monetary support via mail please email me.  Thank you again for all that you can donate. 

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