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Dawn DiVita   4/19/2016   4:48 PM

Dearest Students and Friends of Yoga DiVita: 

It is with a heavy heart that Yoga DiVita makes the announcement that we will be closing on Wednesday, May 11th at Parkway Plaza.

In the seven years we have been in business, we have grown and become an amazing community. Your support, your love and your presence in the classes, events and special programs has been greatly appreciated. After exploring several other options over many months, all signs point to this, a difficult but necessary move. Financially and foundation-ally(teachers), Yoga DiVita has not been able to sustain business at this scale. Please know that the decision was not made lightly.

The instructors and I would love the next few weeks to be a real celebration of the time we have spent together. We will still hold our Celebration on Tuesday, May 10th at 11am. All items including props, paintings, furniture, etc. will be on sale at that time.

When this was all unfolding, I knew I would be teaching, I had an "idea". Then came this other plan that revealed itself. It is simplistic, yet taking me back to where the journey started with a twist. On May 16th, Yoga DiVita will be re-opening for classes at the Big Barn in Little River once again. Here's the twist ~ Classes will be held within the Legion Martial Arts! Shane, owner and friend, recently renovated the space and it is breath taking. Here are the details.
Class Schedule Effective on Monday, May 16th;
Monday 9:30am Yoga Hour
Tuesday 9:30am Gentle
Wednesday 9:30am Yoga Hour
Thursday 9:30am Gentle
Friday 9:30am Yin 
There are a few changes to our rates effective May 16th;
Walk In $15
New Student 2 Week $30
4 Week Class Pass $60 
5 Class Family & Friends Shared Pass(no expiration) $60
10 Class Family & Friends Shared Pass (no expiration) $100
I will be teaching all of the above classes. 
If you are wondering where Jackie, Claire, and Ana are headed, I promise to keep you posted. As the details are revealed to me, they will be posted on their bio page and an email will go out to you.
Our current schedule at Parkway Plaza will remain the same until Tuesday, May 10th with our last class being held at 9:30am that morning.   
$10 Walk-in will also apply until May 10th
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 
Peace, Love, & Light everyone!
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A Word From Dawn

YogaDiVita is a warm, welcoming environment for all to come together. A place to be with ease, breathe with clarity, move with grace, and to realize you are perfect.

With right attitude, life is very simple and very easy.

Paramahansa Yogananda