Welcome to your wellness journey!

It is time for you to be heard, seen, and supported. I look forward to sharing a space that allows you to let go to let in the healing for all that you are seeking in body, mind, and spirit.

This is how I describe Ayurveda in my life. It is a profound path because it is simple, effective, and accessible wherever you are.. 

Are you curious? Let's set up a 3 minute call to see if the WHW Journey is a good fit for you.

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The WHW Journey

This intimate relationship is a journey to feeling or becoming...well, that is up to YOU! 

Our time together is curated to fully support, educate, and encourage YOU towards your goals.
Sessions can be done in person at Heavily Meditated Wellness or virtually.

Who am I?

We are all created uniquely awesome! Thank goodness, right?! Knowing who you are is important to understanding the things we can't change. We will learn and begin to celebrate those great characteristics that make you ~ YOU!

How am I?

Locating your inner GPS is deeply personal and important. You are a human lint roller, collecting, and over time becoming full of stuff. Let's begin to unravel all the layers to what has brought you here today. I am here for YOU. 

Where am I headed...

This my friend is where it begins...
Together, we look at who and how you are to help determine the steps towards where you want to go and how you want to feel to create a WHY that lights YOU up! . 

Why WHW?

Are you experiencing:
constant exhaustion, aches and pain, restlessness, stuck or stagnant, lethargy, weakness, heaviness,
poor digestion, hormonal symptoms, overwhelming stress, fear, and anxiety?
All of these symptoms can be felt in your physical, mental, or emotional bodies.

There is another way.  Let's get started on creating a new path. Your path!

It may be one that leads you to feel space, freedom, good health, loving yourself, rested, joy in life, balance, easy-going, strong, great poops, energetic, safe, and supported in body, mind, and spirit. Email Dawn for more details.