Special Events at Yoga DiVita

Gathering of Like Minds 

Meet your community! Once a month, I invite you to step off the mat and into a yogic-led conversation. Dawn Shanthi DiVita will begin class with insight drawn from yogic books and/or current events. This may lead to questions, journaling, and sharing. Please bring a notebook and pen!

This time is carved out for you to be supported and lifted by your tribe. Whether you lovingly offer stories or hold space for those who share, it is a space for us to connect and grow as individuals and a strong circle. 

Donations Appreciated. No need to sign up. All are welcome to participate.
10:45am - 12:00pm
Located at Yoga DiVita

Save the Dates:
September 9th                            January 13th                            May 12th
October 14th                               February 10th
November 11th                           March 10th
December 9th                            April 21st

Heal Your Body, Mind, & Spirit

It is time to breathe, relax, move inward, and let go.

Over the next few months, join us for a once a month special class offering to begin to unclench and open up to healing the physical, mental, and emotional parts of ourselves.

These classes will create a safe environment to truly acknowledge and release all the stress, worries, and anxiety. We will begin to let go of the long and overly held exhalation. Within that newfound space, a deep and nourishing inhalation to fill you up with peace and joy.

Each class will begin with guided pranayama, breathing techniques, and meditation to ground, strengthen, and connect where we are as individuals and as a group.

You will be led through restorative yoga postures to create greater self-awareness, calm the nervous system, reduce stress, and boost the immune system. Restorative yoga also assists in fighting insomnia and symptoms of depression.

Restorative yoga is the perfect transition to yoga nidra meditation. In a state of being completely relaxed to slow down the brain waves, yoga nidra has the ability to heal trauma, reduce chronic pain, and begin to plant seeds of future growth.

This is time set aside to be where you are while loving yourself completely. When you move from this practice you will have provided a healing space of kindness and compassion. 

$25 per student per class with 16 students maximum

*No experience is necessary.
**Due to the pandemic, Yoga DiVita will not be able to provide any props. Please bring your own personal items; a yoga mat, 2 blocks, 1 or 2 blankets, and a bolster or firm large pillow. 




Heal Yourself

New York, NY




Heal Yourself

New York, NY




Heal Yourself

Philadelphia, PA